How we decided to go full time RV

The Backstory:

We were stationary living the usual life. I (Dorky Adventure Dad), was working a full time job and starting up my website design business. I had no time really with the family except on the weekends. I did the usual wake up at 7 am go to work, then get home around 7 pm. This only left time for dinner, bath, and bed. The neighborhood we lived in was not good either, so the kids could barely go outside and play. We are a homeschooling family which meant my wife ( More Adventure Mom) and our kids had to be cooped up inside all day. Anyone with kids knows that kids need to be outside and running off energy.

After I started my business we began to have 2 paychecks. Life was good, we bought Zoo passes and were frequently doing fun adventures. We even started house shopping to find our dream house. We were looking at 4 bedroom houses with mother-in-law suites. Then on a Thursday in June 2017 we were pre-approved for a $160,000 loan. This news made us ecstatic. We were going to get out of the slumps we were living in. Then the next day on Friday 2 weeks before July 4th, I went into work as usual. The day went great until I got back to the office. My boss called me in and laid me off. There was no warning and no 2 week notice. I was devastated the whole way home.  How was I going to break the news to my wife and my family ( Fun Adventure Family)?

I drove into the drive, dug deep down inside for the last bit of courage, and walked into the house. My wife was doing her usual, cooking dinner so it would be ready when I got home.  I walked in, sat at the dinner table and immediately she knew something was wrong. I swear she could feel the bad vibes. Everything broke loose and I began to spill the news. She was a trooper, didn’t get upset just simply said will be OK, and we will figure this out.  Then after dinner I had a client call me for a website design. I made more that night than I have ever made in a week working full time.  All of a sudden a huge weight came off my shoulders. I heard God say “FEAR NOT I will provide for you”.  I looked at my wife and said “we do not have to stay here anymore”, “we can buy an RV and travel the country”.  I knew she wanted to deep down inside because she was in all the world schooling groups on Facebook. She then asked if I was serious and if we could really afford it. Being the numbers guy I am, I told her I really believe we can, but I will sit down and write out a budget spreadsheet like I did for our wedding just to make sure. The next step was the planning stage.


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