Hershey Gardens, Hershey, PA

Hershey Gardens, Hershey, PA

Learning About The Garden

We’re so grateful for our Fun Adventure at The Hershey Story, (if you haven’t read about it yet, click *here*) because through that we learned about Hershey Gardens! I know what you’re thinking, “Gardens? Where’s the chocolate?” but I promise you, this is a perfect stop on a tour through Hershey, Pa. Here’s everything you need to know.

Fountain at Hershey Gardens

What A View

The Garden is not far from the Hershey Story so visiting both is very easy! If you’re in a RV like us the parking is excellent. As you walk to the Welcome Pavilion you can look to the left and see the whole entire Hershey Park stretching out below. It’s quite a stunning view.

Overlooking Hershey Park from Hershey Gardens Parking

Butterfly Atrium Is A Must

Hershey Gardens was opened in 1937 as a 3 ½ acre rose garden and expanded to 23 acres in 1944. Now there are 11 themed gardens, 2 additional areas, education and horticultural wing, welcome pavilion, and of course my favorite, the butterfly atrium. We spent a lot of time inside this beautiful feature. Inside the butterfly atrium you’ll find hundreds of tropical and North American species of butterflies. Towards the back there is a chrysalis cabinet where you can watch butterflies emerge. Another neat thing you’ll want to look out for is the cocoa tree. When we visited there was a pod on it!

Be still for the butterflies at The Hershey Gardens Butterfly Atrium
Butterflies everywhere at the Hershey Gardens Butterfly Atrium
Insects in the Butterfly Atrium at Hershey Gardens

Themed Children’s Garden

The first theme garden we went to was the Children’s Garden. There’s 25 themed sections inside! Sections like the spot with star flowers and sunflowers that talked about what a sundial is. A gorgeous vine covered tepee next to the library book exchange box, cuddle up inside and read a book! A whole greenhouse with loads of info about growing food. A pretzel with a special surprise as the salt. A place to encourage smell, and a place to encourage touch. I could go on! We could have easily spent all day there. Nothing is better than seeing the kiddos connect with nature.

Themed children's garden The Hershey Gardens
Immersed in the plants at the Hershey Gardens

The Rock Garden

We continued down the path and enjoyed several more themed gardens. The Rock Garden was especially fun for the kiddos, as well as the herb garden. At one point we walked through an archway underneath a beautiful shady tree where a bench waited for us. Sitting there in the shade felt cool and so magical. In the Bill Bowman Garden there is a precious statue called, “Girl Chasing Butterflies”. I just had to snap some photos of Giggly Adventure Grace dancing and playing in front of it.

Girl chasing butterfly statue at The Hershey Gardens

Historic Rose Garden

We finished up our time there in the Historic Hershey Rose Garden. Someone very special to me loved roses so being there among 175 varieties, more than 3,500 roses felt like she was there with me. It was so stunning and serene. A moment I will treasure forever.

Historic Rose Garden at The Hershey Gardens

Where’s The Chocolate?

And remember earlier when you were asking where the chocolate was? Well there’s Garden Gate Snacks which has drinks, snacks, and ice cream! It’s open May through September. Be sure to check the times.

Girl chasing butterfly statue at The Hershey Gardens

Fun Adventure Family Approved?

As you can see Hershey Garden is Fun Adventure Family approved through and through! Combine it with the Hershey Story and you’ve got a day in Hershey that you won’t soon forget. When you visit be sure to use #funadventurefamily and #hersheygardens on Instagram so we can see your family’s fun adventure!

Flowers as big as a baby at The Hershey Gardens


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