LegoLand in Winterhaven, FL

LegoLand in Winterhaven, FL

Visiting LegoLand was an absolute blast! I honestly had NO IDEA I would have as much fun as I did when we decided to go to LegoLand Fl. It’s geared towards kids, but let’s get real. Lego’s are for everyone!

As an adult it gives you a chance to reconnect with your inner child. It gives you the opportunity to watch your children’s imaginations take flight while simultaneously taking you back to the feeling of limitless possibilities. LegoLand is the epitome of childhood fun. So read on to get our tips to making sure you have a great time, and find out if it’s Fun Adventure Family Approved.

Tip 1- if you’re a homeschooler go on a homeschool day. This made LegoLand THE CHEAPEST thing we could do in Olando.

We paid- $29.00 per adult and $14.50 for kiddos over 3.

Make sure you call at least 2 days in advance to “RSVP”

Home school Id for homeschool days at LegoLand FL
Self printed home school ID and Admission tickets

Tip 2- Have some pre-game fun! The night before we were to go to LegoLand, we watched The Lego Movie and made LegoLand name tags. We took some flat pieces and hot glued a safety pin in the back. I did Grace’s and Sammy did his own. Since Sammy isnt as skilled with a hot glue gun, his safety pin fell off about 2 hours into the day. If it’s really important to you or your kiddo that it stay in well, make sure a hot glue professional is at the helm of that project. Of course, we vaue fun and learning so no big deal here. I’m sure you know all about the minifigure trading that goes on at LegoLand. If you see a “model citizen” (what legoland calls their employees) with a minifig on their nametag that you like, you can ask to trade with them. They just need to be complete with body, arms, legs, a head, and some kind of hat, or hair. If your kiddos can’t find a full minifig in their lego collection because they’ve been staking the legs to make President Business there is plenty of opportunity to buy minifigures all over the park.

DIY Lego name tag for LegoLand FL
DIY Lego minifig holder and name tag

Tip 3- Bring a cooler full of bottled water! I had read some other blog posts that said the cooler needed to be a certain size, and ours was the correct size in width and length, but not height. I figured worse case scenario, we’d ditch the silly thing and just go on with our day and buy drinks, but the security dude didn’t have a ruler and wasn’t so uptight that he was actually measuring the coolers. It was a small, modest cooler and he glanced in, saw the water, and let us go on our way after he picked on Silly Adventure Sam for a minute saying “cool name tag, do you work here?”. Sam was a bit nervous, but excited by the special attention.

LegoLand Fl doing the Lego wave
Just learned how to wave like a Lego person

Tip 4- Make sure you’re at the gates right at 10am. I’d go so far to say that if you don’t have your tickets in hand that you should get there at 9:15-9:30ish. If you’re in the front and have an enthusiastic little adventure kid they can be a part of the opening ceremony. Unfornately we took a little too long parking and getting up there so we weren’t front and center, but we did learn the special lego wave and we did get to see the park-goer flip the switch to turn on the park immediately queuing everyone’s favorite song, Everything Is Awesome!.

LegoLand FL opening ceremony
The opening ceremony to the Lego Land park

Tip 5- If you’re going to LegoLand with littles, rent the double stroller! We initially went for the double stroller so that way we could load up our bags next to the little adventure girl, but turns out the big adventure boy fit in the stroller too! Now normally we’d let the kiddo walk and get as worn out as possible, but he has a tendency to see something shiny and wander off. Even with both kiddos, a diaper bag, and a cooler full of water, that stroller rolled like a dream. And surprise bonus! They give you the name card to keep as a souvenir. Check out the back!

Tip 6- The food. We thought about doing the all you can eat pizza and pasta when we were hungry. It makes sense to try to get your money’s worth, but we didn’t want to spend too much time eating since LegoLand is only open until 5 pm. We decided to grab a couple of the world famous Grannie’s Apple Fries. The Grannie’s Apple Fries are granny smith apples. As in, they’re actually very bitter! Even with the cinnamon sugar, and whipped cream. So between the 4 of us (some of us not huge granny smith apple fans) eating 2 servings we had half of both left over. As you can imagine, walking around in the hot sun with whipped cream doesn’t really work out. I’d recommend getting one at a time unless you’re really crazy about granny smiths.

LegoLand FL Grannies Apple Fries
Amazingly delicious Apple Fries

Tip 7- Plan what shows you want to see before hitting the rides. I know your kiddos are going to be sitting there rolling their eyes and begging to go have fun, but LeogLand is long and skinny. We wasted a lot of time running back and forth. Getting in the air conditioning was really important to me, and riding roller coasters was really important to Sam. Spending a few minutes formulating a plan of action will help keep everyone happy.

Tip 8- LegoLand is so good about keeping everyone happy. Nearly every big roller coaster has a little play area next to it for toddlers. The outdoor play areas can be brutal in the heat, though. If you’re near the Barn or the Imagination center, just go there! While we’re on the topic of the Barn in Duplo Valley, I cannot stress enough how amazing the Baby Care Center is. There is a bathroom, 4 changing stations, 2 high chairs, a fridge, a microwave. There are 3 private nursing areas with rockers, mini rockers, and a foot stool, and a quiet area with a hammock that is ideal for special needs kiddos. To say I was blown away by the thought and care that LegoLand has put into this area is an understatement.

LegoLand FL Duplo Valley  Barn Play Area
Duplo Valley Barn Play Area

Tip 9- legoLand Hotel’s lobby is OPEN to the public! That’s right! When the park closes at 5p just take a short stroll over to the Legoland hotel and check it out! They have disco elevators, a play area, and just piles of legos everywhere to play with. The kiddos ate the buffet (mom & dad weren’t too impressed with the menu choices vs. price). After they had their fill there was a fun show right next to the play area. Adventure Sam got called to go on stage and compete in an elimination game naming various things. The first round was superheros. The next round was super villains. Silly Adventure Sam made it through both rounds, only to compete in the final round of naming vegetables!! He named cauliflower, spinach, and asparagus. He won! It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

LegoLand FL Resort after hours
Kid games at the Lego Land Resort after the park

LegoLand is definitely Fun Adventure Family approved. We only wish we had gone to LegoLand when we stationary so that we could have bought the year pass!