Story Land, Glen, NH

Story Land, Glen, NH

Because we live this amazing travel life we have the opportunity to experience so many different types of amusement parks. Most of them are geared towards big kids and adults with a few things for younger kiddos sprinkled in here or there. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to find an amusement park that is geared specifically towards young kids! That’s what we found at Story Land. There were so many cute shows, play areas, and rides that even our littlest adventurer could enjoy. Check out our whole happy family on these wild teacups! They don’t just go in circles, they also jump tracks!

This place absolutely won my heart with all of the “baby bungalows”. They are cool and quiet places to nurse, change, and soothe your VIBs. That means very important babies. They were located next to the bathrooms, but not inside them.

baby bungalo at story land

We found Story Land because it’s only 22 miles away from Mount Washington, one of our big bucket list items. While you’re there in the park, you absolutely have to take a few minutes to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Rides like Great Balloon Chase and Roar-a-saurus offer some stunning mountain line views! There’s nothing quite like saying, “Wow! Look at all those mountains!” before screaming your head off at the sudden drop of the roller coaster!

There are two ways to head to Cinderella’s Castle. The first is walking over a gorgeous bridge, and the second, and most attractive way, is to ride the horse drawn pumpkin. Don’t do it! Skip the line and walk up because the line for the carriage is much shorter by the castle!

There is an enchanting spot for picnics near the carousel and Buccaneer Pirate Ship and play area. One thing I will say about Story Land is that there wasn’t nearly enough water to be found there. Plan ahead and bring plenty of water to drink. At the Food Fair we ordered a whole pizza to share, but found the quality to be mediocre. If you are planning on eating here your best bet will be to hit up the food trucks parked around. The water at the Food Fair was warmish and so I recommend filling up your water bottles in the World Pavilion at the soda dispenser in the back.

One of the rides we were excited to check out was the Rap-tour Safari. It was slow paced, and there was plenty of shade to stay cool. We chatted with an adult who said the ride remake was badly needed. Apparently it was a run down island of misfit toys vibe before. She said that it was much more exciting as a dino tour and that the kiddos really love the scavenger hunt aspect.

Loopy Lab was a huge hit for the kiddos! There’s tubes, soft fluffy balls, cannons, ball drops. So much space for a kiddo to explore and play, but if you are wanting to experience all of the rides and shows then you may want to stay out of this area. That area is also where you’ll catch Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Day. If you ask Giggly Adventure Grace, this was the highlight of her day! She loved Daniel and Katerina’s show about make believe, and learning how to share. After the show you get to have your picture taken with the stars. Unfortunately, we got our shot photobombed by an overly excited kiddo. Hopefully the crew will work harder at getting everyone in line and photos taken.

Absolutely make sure to plan on seeing the Royal Red Carpet send off. It was a high energy fun way to end the day! The characters were there to chit chat with the crowd before the show. It’s clear that they love what they are doing. Being able to tell the kiddos that that was the goodbye shows helps to ease the blow of the new that it’s time to go home. I really don’t love that they force you to exit the park through a store, though. Make sure you have a treat, or souvenir handy. Or use the old “let me take a picture of you holding it so we remember that is what you want for Christmas” trick. (vid

I feel like we could have had a much better day if we had done some more research and planned our visit better. I hope that this info helps your Fun Adventure Family plan a day of awesome Story Land fun! All in all, Story Land is Fun Adventure Family approved. We had a blast at the shows, we rode rides together as a family, and we lived our favorite fairy tales together. We couldn’t have asked for more. When you visit be sure to share on Instagram with #FunAdventureFamily and #StoryLandNH. We can’t wait to see your family’s fun adventures!

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