Fun Spot America, Kissimmee FL

Fun Spot America, Kissimmee FL

Those of you who have been following our story over the past 3 years know we started out bouncing around the Thousand Trails and Encore RV parks near home base in central Florida. When we first launched we were mostly organizing the RV, figuring out how to do this life, and enjoying exploring RV parks. Now we’re back in this special area and old hands at RV life so we’re exploring the fun adventures around us! So far my absolute favorite has been our visit to The Fun Spot in Old Town. It is less than a 5 minute walk from Tropical Palms RV park! If you’re in the Thousand Trails system, you know this is an awesome RV park so you’ll be there at some point this winter.

Fun Spot America Kissimmee FL

We choose to walk over there during the week because we always do our best to avoid crowds. On the Thursday we went it was amazing! There was plenty of people there, but spaced out enough that we rarely had to wait to get on a ride. The best part was that there was an amazing spread of extreme adult rides, and chill kiddy rides. No matter what your level of thrill seeking is, there’s a TON of ride options for you! 29 in all, which doesn’t include the add on rides such as the Skycoaster, which is an absolute MUST!

Flying Bobs at Fun Spot America Kissimmee FL

When we got there the first thing we did was get our wrist bands. If you are getting tickets to ride the Skycoaster it will be applied to your wristband which is neat because you don’t have to worry about loosing it. The other super cool thing is that your Fun Spot wristbands include the Old Town Ferris Wheel, as well as 5 more rides in the “back’ of Old Town. I use quotation marks here, because if you are walking over from Tropical Palms like we did, it is the first thing you see. We knew we had to do the Skycoaster simply because it’s the world’s tallest/largest and we may be lowkey obsessed with world’s largest everything. Haha! It took a little while for Silly Adventure Sam to build up his courage to ride it, but so many of our Facebook and Instagram friends sent encouraging words to him that he was finally able to do it! Thank you all. If you ride the Skycoaster make sure you say hi to Paulette for us! She was so awesome. She really encouraged Sammy, took great footage of the experience, and even helped us pick out the best place for lunch.

Worlds Tallest Sky Coaster Fun Spot America Kissimmee FL

Some tips to help you enjoy your trip to The Fun Spot at Old Town is definitely get there early and on a weekday. I couldn’t believe how much fun our day was there! I would not want to miss a single second of fun by getting there late or waiting in lines. They have meal and refillable drink add ons, but if you’re thrifty like we are there are cold water coolers around to fill up your water cups. Be sure to add on the Skycoaster. Seriously, even if you hate it when it’s done you’ll be able to say you’ve rode the world’s tallest, and that’s pretty flippin’ cool. Also know that before we went this nervous momma spent some time researching The Fun Spot Kissimme’s history and there has never been an injury since it’s opening! I was relieved that we could ride such scary rides with no worries!

Finding Water at Fun Spot America in Kissimmee FL

Joyful Adventure Jeremiah says his favorite part was riding the Screamer. He says he likes that it goes “up, up, up, down”. Giggly Adventure Grace says her favorite part was riding passenger on daddy’s go kart on the 3 story track called the Vortex Track. Daddy has a touch of the need for speed and she loved the part when “they went REALLY FAST down hill’. Silly Adventure Sam says his favorite part was riding the wooden roller coaster called Mine Blower. “It was my first roller coaster that went upside down. That was a fun experience”. When I asked him about the Skycoaster he said, “The Skycoaster was a once in a lifetime chance. I’m glad I did it, but whenever I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach. Now I know 100ft is my max. 300ft is too tall!”.

Happy Swing and best rides at Fun Spot America in Kissimmee Fl

Dorky Adventure Dad says his favorite was the Skycoaster. “It is as close as you can get to skydiving without actually skydiving. It was a smooth fall and felt like gliding through the air. I like that I was in control and pulled the cord to drop when I was ready”. It’s hard to say what my (More Adventure Mom) favorite was. I rode rides that I didn’t necessarily want to because I’m not that much of a thrill seeker. The Screaming Eagles ride made me super nervous, but I’m glad I did that one with Grace. The Mine Blower was a little rough on me, but I’m glad I did it with Sammy. Even the go karts were a little scary because I drive like a granny and people were blowing past me! But, I’m gad I did that with Jeremiah. I really loved watching Jonathan on the Headrush 360! He made it look so fun even I almost wanted to ride it. Almost. I guess you could say mt favorite part was sharing each new adventure with the adventure kiddos, and my amazing husband.

If you are in the mood to laugh your head off at me (or you just love seeing awesome footage of rides) check out our YouTube video where I screamed like a baby on the Hot Seat.

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