Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA

Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA

The first thing you need to know about the turkey hill experience is it absolutely is worth it to buy the triple scoop ticket! The Tea Discovery is fun and informative and especially cool for people who are foodies or adventurous about trying new things. It completely changed the way we view tea as a family. Then you have the Experience Lab which was actually mind blowing. You think they are going to give you a small cup, but the container is pint sized. The flavor possibilities are nearly endless. I kept mine chocolate flavored and mixed in literally everything they had with chocolate. Dorky Adventure Dad added coffee and banana flavor, Oreos, and chocolate chips. Giggly Adventure Grace added just about dang near everything, and Silly Adventure Sam made his mint and cotton candy with tons of mix-ins. He thought it was epic. Don’t get me wrong, if you really can’t swing it, then you absolutely will still have a great time with the basic ticket, but for a minimal up-charge it’s worth it to go big!

Turkey Hill Experience making our own icecream

The second thing you need to know is that if you get the triple scoop ticket you’ll want to do the Lab before the rest of the experience. No need to fill up on those ginormous samples before you get to create your own flavor! Yes, the samples are ginormous. I was expecting a spoonful or two, but they give you a full cup. There are six flavors to pick from, so if you’re game to try them all you will get stuffed!

Unlimited free samples of Ice cream at Turkey Hill Experience

The next thing to note is that you really should follow the station order in the main exhibit. Create your electronic ice cream (which, if we’re being honest, isn’t nearly as fun as creating your real ice cream), package your ice cream, advertise your ice cream. You’ll need your ticket to keep track of your design. The neat thing is that you get a copy of your commercial. Sam did such an awesome job! He’s a natural!

Create your own commercial at Turkey Hill Experience

The samples of ice cream are all the way in the back. Don’t be shy about heading back there and getting seconds, or thirds, or eighths… lol. Seriously. It’s all you can eat.

Find your way to the back for Free samples at Turkey Hill Experience

Also, don’t be shy about letting employees know about ice cream messes. Yes, there were messes. With a bunch of sugared up kiddos running around, it’s really unavoidable. Just remember that the employees really don’t mind cleaning it up! Letting them know instead of just grumbling about it is much better for everyone.

What a bunch of nuts at Turkey Hill Experience Photo opp

If you drive your RV like we did, they will put you in the bus parking. It is just a little ways down the road, but no worries about walking, they have a shuttle! Mr. Bob was our driver and he was very kind and funny. We enjoyed having him drive us the short distance. It was so short, in fact that I was surprised they offer a shuttle for that! He really bonded with Grace because she insisted that she sit up front with him.

Tea Tasting at Turkey Hill Experience

The Turkey Hill Experience is most definitely Fun Adventure Family approved! We highly recommend you include this place in your family experience bucket list. We hope our tips help you plan your adventure! When you visit be sure to use #funadventurefamily and #turkeyhillexperience on Instagram so we can see your family’s fun adventure!

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