Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey, PA

Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey, PA

The Chocolatiest Combo

When we were in Hershey, PA we did EVERYTHING Hershey! It’s hard to pick our absolute favorite place to visit because each attraction offers an adventure that is different and fun. Check out our blog posts on Hershey Story, Hershey Gardens, and Hershey Park. If I had to pick only one thing to do there Hershey’s Chocolate World would be it! It’s the perfect combo of fun and informational. It’s as free or pricey as you want it to be. Most importantly, it’s the chocolatiest (which is totally a word now). So here’s everything you need to know to rock your adventure at Hershey’s Chocolate World!

How to Get Free Parking

The first thing you need to know is parking is free. YAY! There is a catch though. It’s only free for the first 3 hours. They are trying to encourage people visiting Hershey Park not to park in the spaces designated for Hershey’s Chocolate World. Hershey Park just so happens to be right next door. After the 3 free hours, the price goes up to $15 for hours 4, and 5. After that it goes all the way up to $40. We ended up spending $40 because we had the “Adventure 2” ticket bundle that included everything but the trolley ride and then we choose to walk over to Hershey Park afterward for our “preview night”. If you are planning on visiting Hershey Park and doing the preview we definitely recommend spending some time at Hershey’s Chocolate World, too!

The Free Chocolate Tour 

If you are wanting a free Hershey experience all you need to do is go on in and find the line for the Chocolate Tour! It’s on the other side of the gift shop. Since the ride doesn’t stop for people to get on and off the line moves very quickly. Along the walls you’ll find great photo opportunities, and information about Hershey and cocoa. At the end of the ride there id free samples! I have no shame in saying our crazy crew went 3 times!

More Chocolatey Fun

For those of you who are wanting a little more chocolate fun we recommend the “Adventure 2” bundle that as mentioned above. It includes the 4-d movie, Hershey’s Unwrapped, and create your on candy bar.

The 4-D Movie

The first thing we did was the 4-D movie experience. The whole family loved it! It was the first time ever our 3 year old, Giggly Adventure Grace, left her 3-d glasses on for a whole movie experience. She enjoyed the story line, and the Hershey Kiss really endeared her to the show. We don’t want to give anything away, but it was a heartwarming story and of course it included lots of chocolate! There was even a sample at the end!

Create Your Own 6 oz Candy Bar 

The next thing we did was the create your own candy bar. There was no age restriction on this one like there was at Hershey Story, so our Giggly Adventure Grace was over the moon! Even our 14 month old got to make one! Dressing up in official candy making duds was fun, but not as fun as watching you candy bar roll down the automated assembly line. When we got home we weighed the candy bar just for fun because it was so heavy! It’s 6 oz of pure, amazingly fresh, chocolate bar. Seriously, when I say amazingly fresh, I mean it! I never had a yummier chocolate bar in my life!

Hershey’s Unwrapped Chocolate Academy

We couldn’t wait to tear into our customized candy bars, but we had one more attraction to check out. Hershey’s Unwrapped. While you are waiting in line you are given a tin with instructions not to open until the professor tell you to. Inside, we were expecting more of a classroom experience, but what we got was a show! It was a little awkward that we were sitting at benches with no table to use to open and sample various chocolates, but the show was fun and informative, and the kiddos really enjoyed it. There is a surprise in your tin, but we aren’t going to give it away!

Hershey’s Largest Candy Store

There is one last thing you should know. You’ll be vising Hershey’s largest candy store! If you want the largest chocolate bar, they have it! Every flavor of Kisses? Yep, they have them! The cutest Reece’s Cup shirts on the planet? They have those, too! There’s also a wide variety of cupcakes, milkshakes, s’mores, and more.

Is Hershey’s Chocolate World Fun Adventure Family Approved?

Hershey’s Chocolate world is Fun Adventure Family approved! We recommend it for any adventurer looking for yummy fun and learning. When you visit be sure to use #funadventurefamily and #chocolateworld on Instagram so we can see your family’s fun adventure!

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