Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

Hershey Park, Hershey, PA

Biggest Adventure Yet

The Fun Adventure Family took on one of their biggest adventures yet. We went to Hershey Park! After we explored Chocolate Avenue, visited Hershey Story, Hershey Gardens, and Hershey’s Chocolate world we finished off our tour of Hershey, Pa with a big bang. Join us as we recap, and tell you all the insider tips, and offer you a ticket for your adventure!

KitKat Photo opp at Hershey Park

Park Preview Included

When you pick your day to visit the park, don’t forget about the preview! It’s a neat little thing that they offer the night before you visit! From 7:30 to close on the night before your visit you can go and get an idea of what you want to do the next day! I have never seen this at a theme park before and thought that it was such a neat idea! We rode the monorail and went on and picked out our favorite rides and just got a feel of the lay of the land.

On the monorail at Hershey Park

Oversize Parking for Buses and RV’s

For starters if you have an RV, then drive it. The RV parking is right by the stadium which makes it a relatively short walk in. We didn’t need to ride the shuttle to get in, and Dorky Adventure Dad was able to go out to the RV to get our lunch and swimming clothes halfway through the day. You can park in front of Hershey’s chocolate world, but that will double your cost from $20, to $40. However if you want shade and want to be right right right in front and maybe even plan on eating lunch and dinner inside your rig to save money, then that extra $20 might be worth it to you.

Parking for buses and RV's at Hershey Park

Arrive Early Stay Late

Did I say swim clothes? Yep! Hershey Park is basically a 3-in-1 attraction. There is the Hershey Park rides and shows, the water park called The Boardwalk, and Zoo America all bundled up in one. So plan on getting there early. We were there 20 minutes early, but from the time we walked through the turnstile to the time we made it to the new Reece’s Cupfusion ride there was already a 90 minute wait! If riding this brand new attraction is important to you, I’d recommend getting there an hour early.

Milton Hershey Statue at Hershey park and ZooAmerica

Download The App / Rent A Stroller

The app was a great feature! We HIGHLY recommend you download it before you arrive. It shows real-time wait times for your favorite rides and acts as a gps to take you from where you are, to where you want to go. It helped us to not get turned around and make the best decisions about what to ride and when. Another thing we did that we felt saved us time and hassle was rent a double stroller. Not having to worry about the littles needed to be carried and your loose stuff being stashed in the cubbies provided is so worth it!

Rent a Double Stroller at Hershey Park

Water Refills at the Scan and Go

If you’re looking for another great tip to save money while you’re visiting we suggest you bring your own bottles of water. In every section of the park there are Pepsi Quick Fill stations. Each station has a slot for water and the water quality there was surprisingly great! It was cold and had a good flavor. We had 2 stainless steel cups that we would fill up and the water would stay ice cold until it was gone, and then magically there would be another station nearby. We saved at least $20 on drinks alone this way.

Pepsi Scan and Fill at Hershey Park

Kiddie Rides With No Wait

One thing we loved about Hershey Park was the kiddy rides. They typically had very short wait times. Some were fun enough that our biggest adventurer wanted to ride again and again. Some were the right size for everyone to ride together. Some were even small enough for our littlest adventurer who is 14 months. One thing we would do to optimize everyone’s fun is one adult would take the big kid on a big roller coaster, while the other would take the two littles to the kiddy rides. We didn’t mind being separate for a short time because there was plenty to keep the kiddos occupied with.

Kiddie Rides at Hershey Park

Saving Chairs at The Water Park

When it comes to the water park, if having chairs saved is important to you, make sure you bring enough towels to lay across each of your chairs. We tried to reserve our spot with our backpack and sunglasses, but when we returned there was a family dripping cheese sauce and ketchup all over our stuff. It was so frustrating! Also be warned that around midday it gets crowded! That’s where everyone is going to cool off. Sorry we don’t have any photos from the water park. We had technical difficulties with our SD card and a teething toddler.

ZooAmerica is Included

At Zoo America you’ll find all kinds of wildlife from North America. If you’re going over from Hershey Park they’ll stamp your hand to make sure the zoo guests aren’t trying to sneak over. While any other day of the week I think our Fun Adventure Kiddos would have loved it, they were already pretty pooped out by the time we got there. Let’s face it. Caged animals just can’t compete with wild roller coasters and water slides. If you want to make the most of that subsection of the park I’d recommend going earlier in the day.

The tower Rides at Hershey park

Is Hershey Park Fun Adventure Family Approved?

Hershey Park has something for everyone and is Fun Adventure Family approved. We love it so much we want to share a ticket with you! Please enter the giveaway below and share with your friends. When you visit be sure to use the hashtags #funadventurefamily and #hersheyparkHappy so we can follow your family’s fun adventure!

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