Our Trip to Mempis TN

Our Trip to Mempis TN

Our first stop in Memphis was Graceland and it was fun, but we weren’t about to call that our whole visit. Did you know you can contact Travel Memphis and have them give you ideas for fun family adventures? That’s what we did, and they helped us plan out all of the best things to do! We planned for the Peabody Ducks, Memphis Zoo, the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid (sounds weird, I know, but hang with me on this), the Children’s Museum of Memphis, and Memphis Gardens. We would not have picked up on how cool the gardens were on our own, so that was really neat. We also hadn’t heard of the Peabody ducks, but unfortunately do to some miscommunication we were unable to make it to that one. We absolutely loved having some help picking out our family’s fun and we think you’ll love it, too. Here’s our experiences with all the amazingly fun places!

Children’s Museum of Memphis

Our first stop was a day at the Children’s Museum of Memphis. Now, being on the ASTC pass we’re old hands at children’s museums, but we heard this one was extra special, and let me tell you! It was! It was probably the coolest children’s museum we’ve ever been to. To date we’ve done 40+ different places on our pass, so you know we know. First of all, the traveling exhibit was Paw Patrol. Our Giggly Adventure Grace’s absolute favorite! Secondly zip lines are forever the best outside toy. Thirdly, everything worked. I mean the cash registers at the grocery store actually scanned bar codes. They weren’t pretendy, they were high-tech! The ATM actually spat out money! It seemed like every direction we turned we were getting blown away by how just utterly cool the place was.

If you’re not on the ASTC and aren’t getting in for free or 50% off, I’d still say go! Pay the full price. It’s worth it. We just so happened to be there on a Friday and they do this super fun song and dance through the museum to get the kiddos ready for the weekend. We thought that was a blast, but then they let the kiddos all pick out prizes too! We we’re just shocked by how much the staff there truly love their job and the place shines because of it!

Bass Pro Shop Pyramid

That evening we settled into our lot-docking spot under the interstate at the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid and headed in to get up to the top of the observation deck. As far as sleeping goes, this spot sucks! It’s so loud right there under the interstate. Haha! But as far as uniqueness goes. Do not miss this! The inside of the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! I mean, picture pontoon boats for sell actually sitting on the water while fish swim underneath and ducks glide by. I felt like we were in some wild wilderness! As we walked around exploring we tried to find as many different real life animals as we could. There were alligators by the elevators, so make sure you get on the right one for your trip to the top. The Pyramid is 300 ft tall with the observation deck at the apex. The view of the city is astounding up there. We made it just in time for sunset.

Memphis Zoo

Our next day we spent at Memphis Zoo. 2 years of fulltime travel are sure changing my perspective on things. While we were at the zoo I found myself comparing it to all the others we’ve been to before. How was it better, how was it worse? Remember that exhibit at this zoo? Remember the energy of the animals at that one? But Dorky Adventure Dad reminded me to just focus on the now. Enjoy this zoo for everything it has and quit comparing it to the others. Maybe I was just being cranky because of the rough start we had that day. This was the morning we were supposed to see the Peabody ducks, but the misscomunication occurred. As we travel we’ve noticed that things can be similar in many places we visit. They can also be wildly different. The key is to be present in the now. As long as we’re together on this fun adventure, we’re having an amazing time! Some of my absolute favorites were this mandrill, the pandas, the aquarium, the sea lion bubble, the polar bear, and the keepers who demonstrated how a polar bear uses it’s incredible jaws to fish for seals. There was a silent auction and I’m so proud of the kiddos for pledging to spread the word on how melting ice endangers polar bears as they need it to catch their meals! It was also a fun surprise for a volunteer to stop by and educate us on how elephants communicate, and how it can physically effect humans nearby. It was refreshing to see so many employees genuinely cared!

Memphis Botanic Gardens

Memphis Botanic Gardens is defintely a must see! It’s 96 acres include 28 specialty gardens that inspire education, creativity, and awe. As expected, we spent the most time in the children’s area, however, let me be frank, it was huge! Massive! Ginormous! The kiddos got to play in a sandy, diging, blocks, and hill slide area and made some awesome new friends there. Then we went through a secret door that led us to play like bumble bees and bee keepers. There was a chrysalis swing, tiny gnome houses, a tunnel, and then… We were in a magical kingdom with a fire breathing dragon, a floating bridge, a seek and find house, a house made out of sticks, and then…. There were enormous earth worms and ground tunnels, there was balancing beams, and a puppet show, and tea for two in a tiny wire house, and that was just some of the amazingness we found in just the children’s section alone. The kiddos were dissapointed the tree house was closed down at the time of our visit, but who can complain with so much wonderment going on around you? I would absolutely love the chance to go back some day. Memphis Botanic Gardens is pure magic.

We’re so thanful to Travel Memphis and to Children’s Museum of Memphis, Bass Pro Shop Pyramid, Memphis Zoo, and Memphis Botanic Gardens for our amazing time in Memphis. We had a blast and the whole dang town is getting Fun Adventure Family aproved! When you visit be sure to share on Instagram with #FunAdventureFamily and #VisitMemphis. We can’t wait to see your family’s fun adventures!

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