Casey Jones Village, Jackson TN

Casey Jones Village, Jackson TN

As many of you know we’re on the Thousand Trails pass. We couldn’t live this amazing travel life without it! If you aren’t familiar with TT stay tuned for our blog post about it! Those of you that are Thousand Trails park hopping like us going from Natchez Trace, TN down to Texas, you’re going to drive right through Jackson and there is one stop you do NOT want to miss. Casey Jones Village & Old Country Store. There is something for everyone here. History buff? Check! Food lover? Check! Shopaholic? Check! Sweet tooth? Check! Kiddos? Train lovers? Double check!

When we arrived we headed straight to the overflow parking because we aren’t used to many establishments having RV parking. They have both! So take your pick! We felt great about being in the overflow, but if you want to be closer to the main store, turn into the parking lot and drive past the main shop toward the RV parking in the back towards the right. They also have electric car stations. That was really neat. You don’t see those too much.

The first thing we did was go straight to the Museum. At the time of our attendance the prices were 6.50 an adult 4.50 a child and 5 and under were free. There’s a short film that talks about who Casey Jones was and why he became so famous. After the film you walk through the doors to go into the museum section and WOW! I was blown away by how much memorabilia they had! I don’t want to give too much away, but there was a lot of his personal effects that were truly fascinating. It’s especially interesting that Casey was just his nickname that stuck. The kiddos like seeing the toys that Casey Jones inspired. We were surprised to learn that “the Skipper” from Gilligan’s Island was Casey Jones in the old black and white movie that was made! Now we have got to watch it!

They had the horse drawn hearse that was used at his funeral which was cool but kind of spooky. A real life working telegraph. Try explaining that to today’s smart phone kids. Haha! Probably the thing that will stick with me the most was the “hobo” case. It was a real treat to learn the noble history of the original work campers. Then as you exit the museum building to go to Casey Jones’ actual house you get to climb aboard a train! Dorky Adventure Dad said that was his favorite part! He said he loved exploring all the inner workings of the engine car. The kiddos of course loved ringing the bell!

The house itself was neat to walk around in. We showed the kiddos the children’s room and they all agreed that they would not like to have it as their room. As we walked past the kitchen Silly Adventure Sam proclaimed, “Hey look! That would be your room, Mom!” We all had a laugh over the funky toilet. Things sure have changed since Casey was around.

To get to back out you need to walk through the gift shop. Normally I have a problem with this set up, but it wasn’t so bad here. First of all there was toys for the kids to play with. Lots of toy trains sitting out on short tables! My momma heart screamed THANK YOU! Finally! Someplace that gets it! But also the train whistles were a reasonably priced gift shop buy I would totally recommend (as an outside toy!).

Across the parking lot is where the after museum dinner goes down and this is where things get really good! Like really, really, deliciously good. They’ve got the most southern, down home, slap yo momma, country buffet. We’re talking hoe cakes, hominy, fried fish, real sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, and home made nanner puddin’. We ate till we were sore and we didn’t regret it for one second. The service was extremely phenomenal as well! Our server even managed to find Giggly Adventure Grace some syrup for her “pancake”.

After we were stuffed to the gills we walked around the store. We let the kiddos pick out some treats for later because it’s so rare to find candies with relatively decent ingredients. We were surprised to find the ice cream reasonably priced at just a couple dollars a serving so we splurged and let the kiddos pick out some flavors. Besides, how often do you get to eat your ice cream in front of a real old soda fountain? We shopped around and enjoyed the general ambiance of the Old Country Store.

All in all it was one of our favorite stops! We are still talking about how neat hobos are and reminiscing about that amazing buffet. Casey Jones Village and Old Country Store are Fun Adventure Family approved! Bring everyone you know to check it out and tag us #FunAdventureFamily and @oldcountrystorecjv to share your trip with us!

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  1. cindi hinds

    are boondockers allowed overnight in their lot?

    1. admin

      We can not answer for certain as we did not stay the night. However, there were semis in the parking lot so I would say you can. It’s the field parking lot across the street and not inside the Casey Jones village.

      1. cindi hinds


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