The Boardwalk at Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach SC boardwalk

After days in the hot city, being on the coast was a breath of fresh air. Literally! The breeze off the ocean felt amazing. The sand was soft and the waves were fun. Mrytle Beach is the perfect place for families of all types. Those who want dinning and shopping, and those who want wind and waves. So read on to get our tips to making sure you have a great time, and find out if it’s Fun Adventure Family Approved.

Tip 1- Parking

Just south of the Board walk there is a paid parking area with gravel. The middle row says for parallel parking only. This is where we parked for over 8 hours. We paid for the full day which was $10 per car. It has perfect access to the beach and the boardwalk. It is so close that instead of packing a lunch you can just go back to the RV for lunch.

Public parking for RV near Myrtle Beach SC
Bridge to beach from parking area

Tip 2- Ocean water heck for toddlers

Our Giggly Adventure Grace was a bit overwhelmed by the waves, but we figured out a new game plan for her. We dug a pool for her and made sand castle walls all around it so that way she could enjoy the water without the fear factor of the waves. It was also a great opportunity to examine shells. We made it looks like so much fun that even Silly Adventure Sam spent more time in our little kiddie pool than her did in the ocean.

Toddlers and Beaches playing in the sand at myrtle beach sc
Playing in the and at Myrtle Beach SC

Tip 3- Bring arrowroot or corn starch

Sand is… well… sandy. It sticks to everything and everyone and makes the beach wrap up quite uncomfortable. There weren’t any showers at the beach entrance we were at. If you feel like walking just a little way down the boardwalk, there is a shower The showers are at the access points at 55th avenue north, 63rd to 67th avenue north, and 78th to 82nd avenue north.

dunes in Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Walking across the Dunes to access Myrtle Beach

Tip 4- The board walk is amazing

There are quite a few arcades to pick from. We spotted one that had air conditioning, so if you’re visiting on a hot day make sure you hold out for the air conditioned one. We walked into the open air one and it was overwhelmingly hot! I couldn’t believe how many kids were running around grinning ear to ear in there. I couldn’t deal so I promptly turned around and walked out.

Take the boardwalk in Myrtle Beach SC
Looking down the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach SC

Tip 5- Ride the Sky Wheel

We wanted to do the Sky Wheel, but the line was so incredibly long. Now we know you can print tickets out beforehand and shorten the wait. Just visit www. to get your tickets in advance. If we had known it was that easy we would have totally done it!

Myrtle Beach SC Sky Wheel
Holding up the Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach SC

Tip 6- Stop by “The World’s 2nd Friendliest Visitor Center”

If you see someone dressed up in a costume on the boardwalk get a super cool picture, but also talk with the folks inside. They are the ones who set you up with a time share presentation. We didn’t know if we really wanted to get involved with that, but it turned out great! We got free tickets to Medieval Times! We were at the time share presentation for about 3 hours, but I’m not going to lie, we thoroughly enjoyed it! There was popcorn, coffee, and gourmet teas. The kids played in the children’s room and there were TV monitors everywhere so you could keep an eye on them. I know that we had a good rep who was just fun and easy to talk with, so that makes a huge difference! If you’re the kind of person who can have fun no matter where you are, definitely do this. After we left the presentation we drove straight to Medieval Times. Although we didn’t love Medieval Times as much as the Pirate’s Dinner Voyage, it was worth it for free. Of course, the reps will give you options to pick from all kinds of venues at Myrtle Beach!

Worlds 2nd friendliest visitor center Myrtle beach SC
Storm Troopers taking over the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Myrtle Beach is most definitely Fun Adventure Family Approved! It’s the perfect combo of attractions, food, shopping, and nature. We all fell asleep with a smile on our faces that night.

Worn out after Myrtle Beach SC
Too much excitement wears the toddlers out.

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