Adventure in RV shopping

After deciding to go full time RV living I only gave us a month to prepare. The longer we stayed in our stationary home the more we would pull out of our savings.  Which also meant the less likely we were able to make a dream our reality. I started perusing Facebook marketplace, and Craigslist for RV’s in our price range.

I immediately found 2 class A RV’s under $5,000. The first one was a total bust. The dealer wanted $4000 firm. When we got there, the shower sunroof had a really bad leak. The tub was full of water and the walls were covered in black mold. It almost made us second guess our choice for full time RV life. We still had one more RV to look at though so we pulled ourselves together. This time we went to the bank first and pulled out cash to have ready. God said if you are not prepared you will not receive.

When we pulled into the yard the RV had been stationary for 6 months. The ceiling vinyl was falling down, the floors we dirty, and the outside was a hot mess. There were also mechanical issues. The generator wouldn’t crank, the headlights didn’t work, and the AC compressor didn’t work. As a mechanic, none of that really bothered me since the RV had a brand new motor. I knew I could fix everything else myself. The owner of the RV started saying let me fix it up and we will negotiate a price. I acted immediately and told him I had $3500 as it sits.

It was dark, the kids were running around crazy and my wife was chasing them. She didn’t get a good look at the RV, nor did we really discuss any details about the RV. Needless to say she was a bit in a panic when I was starting to make the deal. As I was talking with the owner she said “can we talk about this first”? So I came out of the owners house and we talked.

I told her about all of the issues I saw, and about how we can fix them. I also told her this was our chance, that God called us here and we have to act. She trusted my decision to buy the old RV so I settled the deal that night with the owner. Two days later he drove it to our house where we parked it and began to gut and remodel the inside.

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