Ultimate Theme Park Tracker – Logride App Review and Giveaway

As a fulltime traveling family heck-bent on experiencing the best, funnest attractions out there when our friends @1ride.at.a.time shared LogRide with us we knew we needed this app in our lives. It’s the world’s largest theme park database with over 36,000 attractions and 1,200 parks available. It not only shows you locations (helpful for planning routes, people!) but shows you the parks information from wait times to complete history, and keeps track of your personal stats in each park!

Think of anything you’d want in a theme park app and this one HAS IT. If they don’t, you just reach out to the team and they will add it! Why? Because the 9 developers and researchers that make up the LogRide team are all volunteer-based and all theme park fans! When we first downloaded the app we noticed our favorite Great Wolf Lodge wasn’t on there so we used the submissions button to submit it as an option and we were just floored when it showed up in the app the next day. Now here’s a team that is genuinely passionate about rides! The cool thing is that Great Wolf Lodge location is now always in my submissions file and it feels pretty dang cool to know that we’ve added to such an amazing app! Now to get uploading photos!

What can you expect with this awesome app?

  • Global Map- Discover parks and haunts using the LogRide map.
  • Experience Tally- How many times have you ridden an attraction? 10? 10,000??
  • Park Time Line-* Time line of each park’s attraction history.
  • Coaster-Only Mode-* A special mode for all our LogRide coaster enthusiasts.
  • Attraction Stats- Height, speed, length, history, photos, etc…
  • Wait Times- View accurate wait time reports for over 50 of the world’s most popular theme parks!
  • Lists- What’s your top 10? Create custom lists for your favorite attractions.
  • Defunct Attractions- Explore the history behind each park. LogRide keeps track of attractions no longer in operation.
  • Haunts and Midways- Your favorite haunts and traveling showmen are here too!

So what is the Fun Adventure Fam’s stats? So glad you asked!

Our attraction count is 233 spanning across 21 parks! Not too shabby for a family, huh? Most people think you can’t enjoy theme parks with little kiddos in tow, but we’re here to prove them wrong! Of our 233 attraction count, only 62 are classified as children’s rides.

Our fastest coaster was the Mako at SeaWorld, Orlando topping out at 73 miles an hour. We’ve had a total of 23 inversions. Our tallest coaster was The Big Apple Coaster in Las Vegas at 203 ft. and the coolest stat of all, our total distance traveled on coasters, 9 MILES!

We’ve partnered with LogRide to give one awesome family a year of LogRide Pro! Enter the giveaway below!

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