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Adventure in RV shopping

After deciding to go full time RV living I only gave us a month to prepare. The longer we stayed in our stationary home the more we would pull out of our savings.  Which also meant the less likely we were able to make a dream our reality. I started

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Our Story
Dorky Adventure Dad

Planning our Full Time RV Adventure

The Planning: We still had our big check from the IRS in the bank as a cushion. It totaled around $7,000. I had to figure out how we could buy an RV, do any maintenance and remodeling, and live off the smallest amount of money possible. Being a numbers guy

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How we decided to go full time RV

The Backstory: We were stationary living the usual life. I (Dorky Adventure Dad), was working a full time job and starting up my website design business. I had no time really with the family except on the weekends. I did the usual wake up at 7 am go to work,

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RV Improvements & Repairs