Nine Line Coffee – A must try in Savannah, GA
We really enjoyed our stop at Nine Line Apparel and Black Rifle Coffee!

Nine Line Coffee – A must try in Savannah, GA

Nine Line Coffee – A Must Try In Savannah, GA

While Savannah, Georgia is well known for tourist spots, it’s amazing wealth of history, and loads of cotton, we stumbled upon a gem of a coffee house that sits on the outskirts of this historic area – Nine Line.

Nine Line Apparel

While we were staying at Savannah Oaks RV Park, we drove by this coffee house about a half a dozen times, not knowing what it was. From the outside, it looks like a large warehouse, possibly military related, with a large helicopter logo on the front of the building. Finally, curiosity got the best of us and we looked them up online.

What we found out is Nine Line is an apparel company that is sort of partnered with the Black Rifle coffee company. They are veteran owned and operated, and as the car parked outside states, Relentlessly Patriotic. The Google reviews rave about how good the coffee is, so, being the coffee fanatics that we are, we just had to stop in and give it a try.

On the day we were leaving to head to our next destination, we pulled in with our 32′ travel trailer, and had plenty of room to turn around and get out with no problem! They have a paved parking lot, as well as a large gravel and grass area to pull in, park, and turn around with no hassle. To prove my point even more so, there was a bus parked in the lot, and we had plenty of room to turn around without even getting close to it! Sorry I got off track there, I just had to brag about that for a moment, since we all know how hard it can be to maneuver with these big rigs. I was personally Sooo happy to find that there was a coffee place we could stop in at other than a truck stop.

Travel trainler parked in the Nine Line parking lot.

Inside this unique shop, the apparel is what we saw when we first walked in. They had tons of T-shirts and hats, along with soap, coffee mugs, even a tactical baby backpack!

Tackticle baby gear sold at Nine line.

Something I found to be over the top cool is that they sell the Black Rifle Coffee in bags and boxes that look like ammunition and artillery packaging…No joke!

Black Rifle Coffee sold at Nine Line

The menus were done up felt board and chalkboard style, and in John’s words, “written out like a man would write it, plain and simple!” 

Taylor was our Barista, and she was so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about all the different coffees and drinks! She took the time to explain how the different drinks are made, described and explained the different flavor options, and even gave us a sample of rice milk to try. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, and boy have I been missing out! It was naturally sweet with a hint of cinnamon.

Taylor is a barista at Nine Line Apparel in Savannah, GA

After a very thought out discussion (we take our coffee VERY seriously) John decided to get the 1776 Hot Latte and I ordered The Liberty Bell Iced Latte, both with the rice milk. Isabel liked the the rice milk so much that she joined us in having a cup of it herself.

Iced latte and hot latte from Nine Line in Savannah, GA.

This is the first “Man Coffee Shop” that we’ve ever encountered. However, there were also quite a few chicks hanging out here too, which was awesome. Seriously, this place is all about the important stuff, like being Proudly Patriotic, Supporting the 2nd Amendment, and the company supports their Veterans with pride and honor.

This place was totally setup to be a super manly hangout to drink coffee and have a snack if you want, with a large lounge area, as well as tables and chairs to sit at.

The lousehangout in Nine Line Apparel in Savannah, GA

We sat down for only a few minutes to take in and enjoy the atmosphere before heading back to the truck to take off on our next adventure.

This was most definitely the best coffee I have ever had, and John agrees. Their espresso was bold and rich, and the lattes were creamy with flavors of caramel, mocha and hints of cinnamon. And this was STONG coffee, like the wake-you-up kind of coffee! To prove it, I have a before coffee and after coffee photo of my handsome hubby.

Strong morning cup of Jo.

This was the perfect treat for our last adventure in Savannah. If we lived near one of these places, we would be visiting them weekly. But for now, this will be a treat that we will remember when we pass through again, hopefully next spring! So next time you’re passing through Savannah, GA pay Nine Line a visit, check out their wide variety of cool merchandise and give Black Rifle Coffee try. If you love coffee, then this is a place I can promise you will love!

Now that you know a little more about this cool coffee shop, check out our video. Come with us as we take you into the building and give you a quick peak inside!

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