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Fun Adventure Family

How did we get here?

 It definitely wasn’t overnight. We’ve been dreaming of being a world schooling family for years, but the logistics of making that work for our family eluded us. We continued dreaming while working on growing our online businesses and waiting to find the right opportunity, or for the right opportunity to find us. Well, it happened. On June 25th, 2017 Dorky Adventure Dad got canned. We were looking into upgrading our living situation and had JUST received a pre-approval letter for a 160,000 dollar home loan. Needless to say we really felt like the rug got pulled out from under our feet.

When we were trying to make sense of everything, a little seed of a thought got planted in D.A.D.’s head. What if this was the opportunity we were waiting for? I said he was off his rocker, but he figured if we could buy an RV outright and for less than 5,000, we could travel around America. And the very next day he found the listing for our Happy Adventure Home.

In the coming weeks we were very busy as we revamped a 1990 Winnebago Chieftain. From painting to reupholstering we made it into our home. We will be living full time in our Happy Adventure Home while we travel the country exploring new adventures in every state.


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